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Top 3 Reasons Why Your Brighton Go-Card is Your Best Friend

Sometimes, committing to a season pass is hard. We understand. You could be a college kid who doesn’t want to drain savings or a super busy person who can’t decide if they’ll get their money’s worth out of a season pass. At the end of the day, though, you need snow in your life.  We understand that, too. For those of you on the fence, Brighton Resort offers Go-Cards—the happy medium between a season pass passes and a day pass. With Go-Card sales coming to an end on November 1st, we’re here to talk about why this reloadable ski pass could be your best friend this season. LEARN MORE ABOUT GO CARDS & PURCHASE ONLINE >

Big Options, Small Commitment

You have some options when it comes to Go-Cards. Buy a 10-day package or a 5-day package. This is perfect for someone new to Utah, ideal for someone brand new to snow sports, and just right for the busy person who can only commit to hitting the mountain a few days out of the season.  A 5-day or 10-day prepaid Go-Card gives you the Brighton experience without making you fork over a chunk of change for a season pass. And did you know that even regular day passes can be reloaded and used as Go-Cards? Yes. We really thought this thing through.

Perfect for Travelers

Understandably, many skiers and riders travel far and wide to find the best snow (and we definitely have it). If you’re passing through for a day or a week, a Go-Card lets you hit the mountain with the freedom of a season pass without actually committing to a season pass. If you’re a local and a proud season pass holder, Go-Cards makes great gifts for visiting family and friends who want to see what these white, powdery winters are all about.

You Can Always Come Back for More

Sometimes even 10 days isn’t enough. Sometimes you cancel your flight home, quit your job, and pledge yourself to the ski bum life and that 10-day Go-Card just won’t cut it. No? Just us? Well chances are, you’ll like Brighton so much you’ll want to come back for more. When you decide to hit the mountain with us again, go online and reload your day pass, 5-day pass, or 10-day pass with as many days as your heart desires.

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