Red Bull Relay Madness Video!

The University of Utah Red Bull rep came to us with a pretty wild idea for an event last year. He wanted to have a relay race that involved riding snow skates, snow bikes, shovels and lunch trays. At first we were skeptical but after last years event, there was no doubt in our minds that we were on to something! With a couple minor course alterations and updated snow-sliding equipment, this years Relay Madness was one for the books.

The event format is as follows:

– 16 teams enter into a bracket style, single elimination, head to head race until one is crowned champion.
– Each team has one snow skater, one snow biker, one shovel rider and one sled rider.
– To start the race, the two snow skaters would drop on identical banked slalom tracks on either side of the course.
– Once the snow skaters reached the finish line, their teammate riding the shovel would drop from the starting line.
– Once the shovel rider finishes, the snow biker would start and so on until each team has all four competitors and snow-vehicles over the finish line!

This day full of thrills and spills will definitely be a Brighton tradition for some years to come! Thanks to everyone at Red Bull, the Brighton Cat Drivers and the Brighton Park Crew for making this event happen.

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