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Snow Sports School FAQs

Do I need reservations for group lessons for kids or adults?

You do not need reservations for our regular daily group lessons for children or adults. Just be at the school and ready on time and you are guaranteed a place in the class. We have plenty of staff available to accommodate everyone.

Do I need reservations for private lessons?

We recommend you call a head for private lessons. That way you are guaranteed the class time that you would like. We do take walk-in private reservations, but we would fit you into the time slots available for that day.

How much “lead time” do I need for private lesson reservations?

It is best to call and give us 24 hour advance notice to assure the time and day that fits your schedule.

At what age do you start to teach skiing or snowboarding?

We start teaching either skiing or snowboarding at 4 years old in group lessons. Your child must be at least 4 years old to be in the class.

What do you offer for 3 year old skiers?

This year we have a NEW 3 year old ski only class. It is by reservation only. There are 3 or less children in the class. The class time is at 10:45 and lasts 1 ½ hours.

Any other options for 3 year olds?

We also offer either a Private Ski/Board Lesson or a Parent/Child Private Ski/Board Lesson.

With the Parent/Child class, the parent needs to be an intermediate skier or boarder. The instructor works with the child for the first half of the lesson as the parent goes along and watches.

The second half of the lesson, the instructor teaches the parent do the hands-on techniques to assist in the child’s learning.

Do my children need lift tickets if they are in a lesson?


If your child is 4-7 years old and taking a lesson, their Child Freebie lift tickets will print out free with the lesson ticket.

For those that are 8-12 will receive a Leaner lift ticket with their lesson. It is good for the Explorer and Majestic chairlifts.

If they want to upgrade their lift ticket to an all area ticket, it is just an additional $20

Kids 10 years and under ski for free if they are not in a lesson. Do they need to have a lift ticket on them?

Yes, everyone must wear a lift ticket. For ages 10 and under they will need a Child Freebie lift ticket.  *Two children 10 & under per paying adult.

Are rentals included in the price of a lesson? Kids? Adults?

Adults can get the Intro package or the Works packages which includes: rentals for the day, lift tickets for the day and a 2 hour group lesson.

  • For children ages 4-12, the rentals are an additional $15.
  • Children’s rentals are $20 if they are not in a lesson.
  • See Snowsports School for more info.

Where do I go first if I need to get rentals with lessons?

Go directly to the Rental Shop on the 2nd floor of the Brighton Center.

They will sell you rentals, lessons, and lift tickets.

They can also sell lift tickets for those not taking lessons. One-stop shopping at the Rental Shop.


How long does it take to get through the rental shop?

On a week day (non holiday) you should plan at Up to 45 minutes to get through the rental shop. Also, plan extra time for larger groups.

On week-ends plan for an hour to get through the rental shop. On holiday weeks, the earlier you get here the better. Rentals can be the bottle neck for you if you get there late. Plan your time wisely.

It is better to have extra time before a lesson than to be 5 minutes late and miss the lesson.

The Rental Shop opens daily at 8:30 a.m.

During holiday weeks, they open at 8:00 a.m.

When does the rental shop open?

The Rental Shop opens daily at 8:30 a.m.

During holiday weeks, they open at 8:00 a.m.

If we are bringing our own equipment, where should we go first to buy lessons and lift tickets?

Go directly to the Sliding Academy (school).

Go to the 3rd floor of the Brighton Center and out onto the snow, then you will see the Sliding Academy doors.

Come on in and we can help you with lessons and lift tickets.


How do I know what level class my child or I should be in?

When you get to the school, the instructors will quiz you or your child to see if you have skied or snowboarded before and what type of runs you have been on.

They will make sure everyone is in the right class according to ability. Class levels range from “1st Timers” through Advanced Black Diamond classes.

Can I be in a class with my children?

You can only be in a class with your children if you take a private lesson.

We separate the classes into age and ability groups. Ages 4-7, 8-12, 13-Adult. We find that children and adults learn very differently.

However, you more than likely will be learning in the same area.

Can I watch or follow along with my child’s class?

We prefer that the parents go off and have their own fun while their kids are in lessons. This way your children are not distracted from learning.

The little ones tend to behave differently when they see their parents.

It would be okay to go watch them toward the very end of the lesson, but don’t interfere with the lesson.

Are skiers and boarders in the same class?

Boarders and skiers are never in the same class. They are two different sports.

How do you divide age groups for classes?

Ages 4-7, 8-12, and 13-Adult

How long are the group lessons?

All children’s group lessons are 2 hours long. Adult lessons are 2 hours if there are 2 or more in the class.

If there is just one student in the adult lesson, it goes for 1 hour (it is like a private lesson for the cost of a group lesson!)

How many students are in a class?

In the 4-7 year old ski class there are never more than 6 students.

In the 4-7 year old snowboarders class there are never more than 4 students. We also send out assistants to help the instructors if the 4-7 year old classes are full.

For those 8 years to Adult, there are never more than 8 students in a class. We just add more instructors to make new classes for all ages.

Do you have night lessons?

Yes, we have ski and snowboard lessons for all skill levels on Thursday nights.

The lessons start at 6:00 p.m., so you need to be in front of the school by 5:50. Ages 8 to Adult.

You can buy your lessons at the Ticket Window in the parking lot or at the Rental shop.

The School does not sell night lesson tickets.

If you are renting from us for night lessons, go to the rental shop at least 45 minutes before the lesson starts. You can buy the lesson/lift ticket at the rental shop.

Do you have a Magic Carpet? Is there a special lift ticket for the Magic Carpet?

Yes, we now have a Magic Carpet. There is not a special lift ticket just for the Magic Carpet, but you do need to buy either a Learner lift ticket or an Area Day lift ticket, or have a Child Freebie to ride the carpet.

Everyone must have a lift ticket at Brighton.

Hours of operation of the Magic Carpet vary from day to day.

Do you have Pipe and Park lessons?

We offer Private lessons for the Pipe and Park. If you take a P&P lesson, you must be an intermediate skier or boarder and you must wear a helmet.

How can I ski/ride in the advanced park?

In order to ride the advanced MY-O-MY Park, you must be PEEP certified. (“PEEP” Pipe Etiquette & Education Program)

Register on-line or at the Sports Desk on the 3rd floor of the Brighton Center.

There is a $10 processing fee for the PEEPs Pass. It is good for the whole season and will have your photo on it. You must wear your PEEPs pass to ride in the MY-O-MY park. It is non-transferable!

Brighton Parks Etiquette and Education Program (PEEPS)

Do you teach Telemark lessons?

Yes, we teach Telemark lessons. You can either take a private lesson for Tele or we have Adult multi-week Tele Workshops.