Employee Info

Employee Appearance & Conduct

The impression that you make on our guests is a very important and integral part of our ongoing success. Remember, you may be the first contact that a guest has with our ski area, therefore, we want to make sure that it is a good and lasting impression. We do require that all employees maintain a clean, well groomed appearance and conduct themselves in a reasonable and considerate manner while on duty. Some departments require specific clothing or uniforms, part or all of which will be supplied by Brighton Resort.


Federal law requires all employees to provide eligibility for employment in the United States. Prior to your first day of employment, an employee must provide & complete the following documentation:

Employee application

W-4-Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate

I-9-Employment Eligibility Verification (requires two of the following: Picture ID, social security card, passport, original birth certificate)

Pass peers must have their parents sign a Parent Release form.

No person will be employed without the proper documentation!

Bus Service

UTA runs a bus service to Brighton Resort from valley park and ride locations. The service is free with your employee seasons pass. Please check the timetable for the schedule.

Drug & Alcohol Policy

Brighton Resort is committed to providing work conditions free from the effects of drug and alcohol use; and the maintenance of excellence in the services and products provided by Brighton to our guests. Employees who work under the influence of drugs or alcohol present a safety hazard to themselves, their co-workers and our guests and these actions will not be tolerated. Employees are expected and required to report to work in a suitable mental and physical condition.

Employee Grooming Policy

As members of the Brighton Resort team, it is your duty to present both a professional and approachable appearance to ensure that our guests have a great experience. Specific standards are outlined in the Employee Handbook. There may be special requirements for food handlers.

Employee Conduct

Mother Nature has provided us just about everything we could want in a workplace: amazing mountains surrounded by beauty! The final element needed to make Brighton Resort the most amazing employment experience ever is to ensure the respectful treatment of all employees and guests. We want our employees to work in an environment free from harassment and hostility of any kind. Remember to be respectful of others and maintain respectful and appropriate workplace conduct.