Down Time?

There isn’t really a great time of year to be “down” in this great state of Utah, especially if you enjoy recreating in the Wasatch Range. While it may seem like summer would be the ideal time to get some work done, like finally getting that knee repaired, you end up missing out on some incredible summer activities.


The areas surrounding Brighton Resort are home to some of the greatest times to be had in the winter, but Brighton has much to offer during the summer months as well. For example, there are dozens of well established hiking and biking trails which range from easy and family friendly, to advanced. While the trails are different in what they offer, from wildflowers to waterfalls, they all have one thing in common; easy access and beautiful scenery.


Another piece of what makes the Brighton area so inviting is the Brighton Lakes. It’s always nice to have a destination when you go out to hike, and the lakes do not disappoint. Adding to the allure of the lakes is the fishing. While some of the lakes might not have the biggest fish, they are always fun to catch.

Lake Mary_08092014

Sometimes, you even get lucky enough to head up on a cool summer night to catch a classic summer night super-moon. So think twice about throwing summer to the dogs and get out and hike around the areas you like to ski and snowboard. Who knows, you might just find a new zone that you want to check out when the snow starts falling again!

Brighton_Super Moon_08092014

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