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8 Tips to Get Back on the Snow!

You had a Baby? Eight Tips to Get you Back on the Snow.

(Words / Photos by Rian Rhoe) So you had a baby. Everyone will tell you that life will never be the same, and in some ways that’s true. You might sleep less, wonder at the awesome responsibility of being a parent, and proceed to post way too many Instagram pics of your adorable little mini-me. But, this doesn’t mean that skiing or snowboarding have to get thrown out the window. With a little planning and some determination, you can still prioritize pow turns. If you live in Utah, here are some practical tips for day trips. If you’re out of state and craving a slice of winter, read on for easy to implement travel advice.

1. Get on the same page as your partner. You’re adjusting to life with a kiddo. Discuss why the simple act of making turns in the snow will contribute to your happiness and make it a priority.

2. Obviously, get clearance from your doctor if you’re the one who gave birth. Usually, this takes 6 weeks, but everyone is different.

3. Plan drive times around baby’s nap schedule. If the baby naps in the car on the way up and the way down, you won’t have to worry about tears during the altitude change and you’ll have an energetic kiddo once you get to the lodge.

4. Consider day care options. Brighton offers hourly, half day or full day care options. They have a trained staff, tons of toys and it’s a safe place to keep your baby or toddler close by. You don’t have to pay for your transit time and you can rest easy knowing they’re just across the parking lot. Make sure to call ahead and reserve a space. Ideally, with 24 hours advance notice.

5. If you’re not ready for day care, swapping out runs with your partner can ease you back into the snow. When we first did this, we didn’t get a ton of runs in, but it just felt good to be out there and it inspired us to enlist grandparents and friends on our next attempt.

6. Flying with an infant seems way harder than it is. In fact, the easiest time to travel with a young child is actually before they can walk. For a detailed list of what you need, check out bebevoyage.com or join their group on Facebook. Planning flight times during naptime, feeding on take off and landing, and gate checking a stroller are all things that can make your trip easier.

7. If you’re concerned about flying with too much gear, remember that car seats can be rented and so can skis and snowboards.

8. Pack enough diapers, a change of clothes, a snowsuit, hat, gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen, toys, bottles/food/snacks for your baby to stay happy while you’re out in the snow. If you’re still nursing, consider layering pieces with a half or full zip for easy access and a nursing cover if you’d like to have more privacy.

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