Go Cards


Lift tickets purchased at the ticket window are issued on a reload able RFID GO Card. Once you have a GO Card, you can reload it online for a single day or 2 or 3 days at a discounted rate. Save money, reload online, and never wait in line to buy a ticket! Once loaded with a valid ticket the Go Card opens the gates at the bottom of each lift as the skier passes through.


Go Cards

5 Day Go Card $52 / Day

10 Day Go Card $42 / Day

How to Reload:

GO Cards have a web id on the bottom of the pass. (See example.) With this web id, follow these easy steps:

1. Have your GO Card in hand. Go to and scroll over tickets and passes and select the Reload Go Card Link. 

2. Select reload go card when choosing tickets or passes.

3. Enter the web ID from your Go Card. 

4. Proceed through the checkout.

5. Once you receive a confirmation, your GO Card is reloaded.

6. Come skiing! Don't forget your GO Card. The first time at the gates, allow a little extra time for the gates to activate your reload. Have the GO Card in a pocket by itself.

Reloading General Rules:

The order in which products are reloaded is the order in which they must be skied. For example, if three tickets are reloaded on one GO Card (1st Night Area Pass reload, 2nd All Area Pass reload, 3rd All Area Pass reload) then the Night Area Pass reload must be skied/activated before the All Area Pass will activate.

GO Cards Tips:

  • Put GO Card in a pocket by itself – this is very important! It will scan through your clothes so no need to get it out once at the mountain
  • Carry only ONE GO Card
  • You can reload your GO Card at the ticket window but in order to receive the discount you must reload it online
  • GO Cards are non-refundable

GO Card tickets you load during the regular winter season expire April 21, 2015

Reloadable Go Cards are completely transferable, one use per day.  Passes expire at the end of the 2014-2015 season unless otherwise noted. Share with family or friends.